Sasuke illustration process

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog and this looks like a good moment to do it. I just shared my first timelapse video on Facebook, showing the entire process on an illustration from pencil to ink and colour.
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Autodesk Cave Conference 2013

Currently happening the  Cave Conference in Las Vegas where one of my works is present in the artists exposition. If you have a chance to go don't miss this gallery with artworks from all over the world created with Autodesk software. Venetian…
woman rebel character design
helmet design
sea monster
Swamp monster

GURPS Monsters

Some works published by Steve Jackson Games on GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and GURPS Horror.      

Welcome to my world

With this first post I'd like to welcome all the visitors to my blog and personal page. Let's start with two pieces from my old website.